In the following we would like to point out our "urgent cases donation account". It is administered separately by our homepage, but serves the same purpose.
On this page we show you the complete cash journal. Alicia Waldow leads this account and supports self responsibly with this money urgent cases which are introduced on our homepage.

The banking account for donations is:
Alicia Waldow
PSD Bank Rhein-Ruhr eG
IBAN: DE74 300 60 992 0674 031 600

Please, do not forget to put down "Belgier in Not" in the transfer reference.
Thank you very much for your support!
Alicia Waldow leads a journal after this pattern:

Please, understand that no donation receipts can be issued!
If you like to help Belgian Shepherds in need, you have an opportunity here!
We count quite strongly on your help and hope that Alicia Waldow can report here soon the first "entrances" ...!
Thank you very much for your help!